Apparatus Equipment And Accessories Used In Gymnastics

December 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Gymnastics Equipment

Various different equipment, apparatus, and accessories are required for people to learn, train in, and master the sport of gymnastics. While most persons, who want to learn gymnastics, have a basic idea of gymnastics routines, many have no idea of the equipment used to perform the various different routines.

Gymnastics is a tough sport to learn and the use of a gymnastics facility is expensive mostly because the equipment used in it is very costly. The following is a brief introduction to the various different apparatus, equipment and accessories used for gymnastics.

Uneven bars – This is a gymnastics apparatus used now only by female gymnasts. Earlier even male gymnasts used it. The apparatus consists essentially of two horizontal bars, of circular cross-section 1.5 inches approximately, placed at different heights not in the same vertical plane, with both supported by vertical posts. The uneven bars are made from fiberglass.

To perform a gymnastics routine on the uneven bars, a gymnast first mounts one of the horizontal bars by flipping onto it or pulling over, or jumping up and holding it. Then she performs gymnastics routines that include swings, hand stands, and release elements. She can flip from one bar to the other and back during the performance. The last step involves dismounting from the uneven bars onto a landing mat (accessory).

Maximizers – These are used as mounting alternatives for cable stays on the uneven bars and are used to adjust the heights of the uneven bars. No floor sockets are required for the setup of the maximizers as they are permanently installed on the floor.

Balancing beam – It is used for balancing exercises as part of gymnastics routines. Its width is 4 inches and length is 4 meters. The height of the balancing beam is adjustable through handles placed at either end of it. It has a cushioned soft top material over its top surface to enable a gymnast to perform balancing exercises with surety, grip and safety. Its legs can be moved inward to extend the beam over a landing pit.

Pommel horse – It is a raised structure with a horse body of hardwood with a pommel padded cushion of reinforced polyethylene foam. The pommel is covered with non-slipping leather, either real or synthetic suede. It has two curved handles, one on either side of the padded cushion. Safety is provided to the horse body by a heavy pedestal base. Due to the inherent wrist strength requirements necessary to perform gymnastics routines on it, only male gymnasts use the pommel horse.

Besides the above, many other equipment, apparatuses and accessories are used in a gymnastics facility. The equipment and apparatus include vaulting bars and tables, ring frames. The accessories include landing and training mats.